How Swed Prime handles Coronavirus(COVID-19)

We at Swed Prime continuously keeping an eye on the spread of infection and update regarding growth of coronavirus (Covid-19). To minimize the spread of infection, thorough and routine cleaning is fundamental, according to Public health Authority.

We therefore encourage our customers for more frequent and routine cleaning now than ever before. We also recommend our customers to extend the cleaning opportunity in order to get more thorough cleaning than earlier. We encourage our customers to do so by offering them discount on services, to know more click here. Concerning the spread of coronavirus, we are taking complete measures for both our employees and customers’ health and safety. We at Swed Prime strictly ensure that our employees are well-informed, act to reduce the risk of infection and follow guidelines of the authorities.

We are constantly following the guidelines from our Swedish Public health authorities( Folkhälsomyndigheten) in order to keep up with the information we should relate to and act accordingly.

We deliver cleaning services as usual

We clean as usual with our customers! Whether you are working from home or from office, we solve your cleaning quickly and the best. During your home cleaning, Swed Prime takes extra care to clean surfaces which are most frequently touched, for example handles, water taps, light switches etc. Our staff performs cleaning with their gloves on for the sake of your and their safety. We however, urge our customers to contact us at in a case if there is any suspicion of possible infection or if you have come in contact with the infected person.

If you are not a customer yet and want cleaning service at your place, contact us here.

We make sure we are healthy

We are taking extra care that our staff is healthy. Our staff is well-informed about how to take care of hygiene on and off the job. Our cleaners follow instructions responsibly and do not go to work and contact health care in the case they feel any of the flu symptoms howsoever mild or have come in contact with infected person.

For our corporate customers

We of course maintain the same standards for our corporate customers. Many of you have demanded more cleaning hours than before in order to maintain good hygiene and to protect workplace from fallout of large amount of the employees being absent because of illness and we are taking great care of that. Contact us at for more help and we will solve it for you.